I'm not the music fanatic that I used to be, but I still get out on occasion. My primary reason for going is to enjoy the show, not to take photos... but sometimes I manage to do both... This set is a small sample of old and new, some unknowns and some world famous... Which is which?
K5II0967BW K5II8235 K5II8327 pb210170 K5II0983
K5II7597 K5II8238 p5050011 PXK53046 K5II8328
K5II7557 pb210159 K5II7579 PXK50433 K5II8320
PXK54718 K5II8339 K5II8354 DSCF7244 K5II7526
K5II8330 K5II8020 PXK50408 K5II8011 K5II8331
PXK53124 DSCF7250 K5II8334